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Novo texto em português para o site Audi: TFSI® in the Audi S1.

Poder máximo. Para o máximo uso. A cada momento originado de alguma coisa... Something that sets it off, an idea. The engine in your new Audi S1 can also be traced back to an initial spark of inspiration: more power with less fuel. Get acquainted with the drive system that will move you in impressive style.


TFSI® – sensational and supreme.

170 kW (231 bhp) that will make your heart beat faster. From 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. With S-specific engine sound. A maximum torque of 370 Nm. A top speed of 250 km/h – with an average fuel economy of 7.1 litres per 100 kilometres. Impressive performance. Enhanced by standard Audi drive select®.
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quattro® – a firm grip on the road.

Like all Audi S models, the Audi S1 is equipped with the quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Its core is a hydraulic multi-plate clutch placed on the rear axle. The control software settings are fine-tuned to provide a dynamic ride. The electronic axle-differential lock with advanced wheel-selective torque control is a function of the Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC). It can be switched off in two stages and complements the work of the multi-plate clutch with additional, finely-dosed braking action at the wheels on the inside of the curve – thanks to the combined action of both systems, handling is extremely agile and precise.
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